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2011 NFL Draft: My ideal Miami Dolphins first round scenario

The long wait is over. Draft Day is finally here! And we will have you covered throughout the three day event. So be sure to check back often for update and join us for our live threads as the 2011 NFL Draft unfolds. Also be sure to follow me on Twitter, where I'll be posting whatever random thoughts strike me (as I typically do) as well as re-tweeting any important or relevant NFL Draft news from the many respected analysts and reporters.

If you're like me, then you probably feel like a kid on Christmas morning right now. You're laying in bed, anxiously awaiting your opportunity to run down the hall or down the stairs and see what Santa Claus left you. Except today, we are all waiting to see what Santa Ireland leaves us under the NFL Draft tree.

Of course, we all probably have varying thoughts on what we'd like to see under that tree. And that's what I want to discuss this morning.

To me, this is simple. And it's not something I even considered might be remotely possible until I saw this very scenario play out in the mock draft of's Pat Kirwan. Kirwan is projecting Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert to fall all the way to the 15th pick, where the Miami Dolphins make him their pick.

All I can say when I think of this is simply, "Wow."

Is it highly unlikely for Gabbert to fall? It sure is. But this is my ideal first round scenario and I'm going to hope against hope.

Like I've said for months now, Gabbert is the guy in this draft and a player I'd be willing to trade up to get. And it's all of the intangibles that most impress me with Gabbert. He's very bright. He goes through his progressions well. He can anticipate his throws and then accurately deliver. He's a leader and is somebody that teammates will rally around when things get tough. And most importantly, he has that "it" factor that elite quarterbacks possess.

But even if you aren't on board with the idea of taking Gabbert at 15 if he was to slide, there's another reason why this scenario would be an ideal situation for the Dolphins. We know the Dolphins would like to trade down and pick up additional picks - particularly a second rounder to replace the pick given to Denver for Brandon Marshall.

You have to assume there would be a number of teams looking to move up to select Blaine if he was to fall. The Seahawks, who currently sit at pick 25, might be a possible suitor, for example.

Of course, for this scenario to happen, Gabbert would have to make it past a number of possible destinations. Buffalo could take Gabbert at 3, though it's looking more likely they go defense in round one. The Bengals, who have to come up with a contingency plan in case Carson Palmer really does retire (or force a trade) would be eying Gabbert at 4. The Cardinals at 5 were a popular landing spot in mock drafts just weeks ago before word began spreading that they may address other needs and take a quarterback in round two.

The Niners, Titans, Redskins, and Vikings all could be targeting a quarterback early and all pick before the Dolphins at 15.

So this particular scenario of Gabbert falling to the Dolphins at 15 might now be too likely. But like I said, it would be my ideal first round scenario.