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Brandon Marshall stabbed by wife but is in stable condition

I'm sure you've all heard by now the news that Miami Dolphins star wide receiver Brandon Marshall spent the evening in intensive care after being stabbed in his stomach by his wife in their South Florida home early last night. His wife has been arrested on aggravated battery and with a deadly weapon domestic violence charges.

The important part first. Marshall was wounded in his abdomen but did not suffer any damage to his vital organs. He's in stable condition now and is actually expected to be released from the hospital later today. According to reports, Marshall should actually be fully recovered in two to three weeks. Via Twitter, his friend Mike Sims-Walker said Marshall is in good spirits despite all of this.

Now for the legal part. Rather than include the entire police report, below is the description of the arrest:

On April 22, 2011, the above listed defendant did unlawfully and intentionally arm herself with a kitchen knife and stab the victim in the abdomen. The victim and the defendant have been married for approximately one year and have been involved as a couple for approximately two and one half years and have no children together. The victim provided sworn testimony advising that he slipped and fell onto a broken glass vase; however, the area of where the vase was broken indicated no blood within the immediate area to substantiate his claim. However, the defendant was read Miranda on scene wherein post Miranda she stated she stabbed the victim out of self defense. Photographs were taken of the scene and of the victim. Both the victim and the defendant provided scant information regarding the incident itself; however, based upon the post Miranda statement and the injuries to the victim; the defendant was taken into custody for the above listed charge.

Now rather than get into the "ifs and buts" of what this could mean regarding Marshall's conduct and any policy violations, I'm going to take a wait-and-see approach until we learn more about the situation.

Most importantly, here's to wishing Brandon a speedy recovery!