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Miami Dolphins Draft Nuggets: More quarterback talk linking Dolphins to possible draft picks

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We're coming up on just one week before the NFL Draft finally gets underway in New York City. And all of the draft speculation is beginning to grow to a crescendo. But now it's not only the fans and media creating the buzz. Some players, including a key member of the Dolphins, are getting in on the discussion.

But we'll get to that in a minute. First, some interesting insight into how the Dolphins test quarterbacks they invite to the team's facility for pre-draft visits.

Dolphins put potential rookie quarterbacks to the test

Whether you like him or not, there is not a more connected NFL writer than SI's Peter King. His piece this week on the challenge that is analyzing quarterback prospects is as good a read as any. The Miami Dolphins just happen to be highlighted by King - making it a must-read for Dolphin fans.

In his piece, King talks about TCU quarterback Andy Dalton's recent private visit with the Dolphins. As the story goes, Dalton received a portion of the Dolphins' playbook on the Thursday before his scheduled visit and was told to learn all of it for his meeting with the team on Sunday at 10 am. During that time, Dalton also had a visit with the Cowboys, a rehearsal dinner for a friend's wedding, and the wedding itself.

During the meeting, offensive coordinator Brian Daboll would test Dalton on formations, protections, and where to go with the ball. Per King, Dalton feels as if he did pretty well.

The most interesting part of the meeting, though, was when Dalton was asked about handing a receiver who might complain about not getting the ball enough (hmmm, I wonder why the Dolphins would be concerned about that). To simulate a receiver complaining in a meeting, Daboll then came through the door and began shouting at Dalton to see how he'd respond.

Fascinating test, in my opinion. And a lot better than how Jeff Ireland tested Dez Bryant a year ago.

It's also worth noting that Peter King has Dalton going to the Dolphins with the 15th pick in his mock draft. This is despite the fact that King responded to a question from Omar Kelly on Twitter implying the Dolphins will draft Colin Kaepernick.

What does this all mean? Probably nothing at all when all is said and done.

Marshall has high opinion of Mallett

Isn't it hard to remember a world without Twitter? Frankly, I don't want to ever go back to the "dark ages" when fascinating tidbits like this one wouldn't be possible.

What I'm referring to is Brandon Marshall's tweet yesterday, saying, "Listen to me. Ryan Mallett will be an All-Pro QB."

That's right. Our "alpha receiver" is a big fan of Ryan Mallett. And he isn't the only star receiver who feels this way. Falcons Pro Bowl receiver Roddy White responded to Brandon by saying, "I'm with you on that."

"He's the hip Matty Ice," Marshall replied to White. And to think - a few years ago, this conversation would never have taken place. Or, at least, it wouldn't have become public.

Marshall wasn't the only Dolphin talking a little Mallett on Tuesday night. Cornerback Sean Smith tweeted in Ryan's defense, "Damn Gruden tried to kill Mallett in that meeting! Lol I wouldn't took all that." Smith was referring to the Gruden ESPN special that aired last night.

Does it mean anything that two of the dozen or so Dolphins on Twitter just happened to be discussing the kid publicly? Probably not. But if I'm Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano, I don't see how at least getting a little input on the team's quarterback situation from their star receiver could hurt.