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NFL Draft Video Time: More mid-round running backs

This week's video time will feature even more running backs. Why highlight so many running backs week after week? Because odds are at least one of these kids will end up a Miami Dolphin in four weeks.

So this week we will focus on three guys - two I like a lot and one I'm not as high on as most.

The videos, as usual, are after the jump...

First up is Oklahoma's DeMarco Murray, who is the one I'm not much of a fan of. He's got a ton of talent and speed to burn. But he runs high and is not going to last long in this league if he doesn't change his running style a little bit. But you watch the video and you tell me what you think.

Nebraska's Roy Helu Jr. is a kid that's been really grabbing my attention the more and more I read about him and the more highlights I see of him.

The final back today is Oklahoma State's Jacquizz Rodgers. He's small (5'5) and doesn't have good timed speed. He sure is quick, though.