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2011 NFL Draft Poll: Who will Miami Dolphins draft in first round

As I pointed out earlier today, we are just over two weeks away from the first round of the NFL Draft. While a lot can change between now and then, the Dolphins - like most teams - probably have their draft board relatively set. So what I wanted to do today is take the temperature of Dolphin fans and see what all of you think the Dolphins will do in round one, which I will do via a poll that can be found after the jump.

Regardless of if you think the Dolphins will trade down in round one or not (I'll guarantee you they will surly try to trade down), what I want to know is who you think will become the newest member of the Miami Dolphins on that fateful Thursday night in New York City.

There are a number of ways the Dolphins could go in round one. They could draft a running back. They could decide to take the "lesser Pouncey" (as I will refer to him now through the draft to drive home the point that he is being overrated by many). They could draft one of the quarterbacks that will be available. They could go defense.

Who knows?

So the list of potential draft choices is below. It's made up of the seven players that are linked to the Dolphins in this morning's "Mock Drafts Around the 'Net" post, as well as a few others that I feel are possible selections. Cast your vote and then tell us why you feel that way. We'll then revisit this in two weeks to see how our opinions may have changed.


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