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The Friday Five: Mark Ingram in middle of interesting debate

"Why don't Dolphin fans like me??"
"Why don't Dolphin fans like me??"

This time four weeks from now, we will finally know who the Miami Dolphins selected with the 15th overall pick...if anyone. Will they keep the pick? Will they trade back? Will it be a quarterback? A running back? In four weeks, we'll finally have that answer - as well as countless new questions and the ever-so-popular second-guessing.

Until then, though, fans will continue to debate what the Dolphins should do. And one of the most heated debates centers around the draft's top running back.

1. Mark Ingram has become the focal point of a fascinating debate. It was this week, though, that I really learned just how strongly some fans feel about the Dolphins not drafting the former Heisman Trophy winner. It all started on Monday when the Dolphins privately worked out Ingram. Reports indicated that the Dolphins were "very impressed" with Ingram, who looked "very fit and explosive."

On Tuesday, the Sun-Sentinel's Omar Kelly wrote that his selection for the Dolphins in the NFL Network Beat Writers mock draft was the Alabama running back. That decision from Kelly, probably the most respected Dolphins beat writer (at least in my opinion), really ignited a debate between Dolphin fans - many of whom feeling as if drafting Ingram in round one was not in the Dolphins best interest.

Then on Wednesday, I posted the first of three possible draft scenarios - which was to stay at 15 and make a selection. Of course, that set off a debate on Ingram's worthiness of being the 15th overall pick.

The debate, though, seems to be more about taking any running back in the middle of round one when there's good value available at the RB position in the mid to late rounds. And in general, I agree with those who think taking a back in the first round that isn't a premier, truly elite talent isn't generally a good draft practice. On the other hand, though, the pick makes a lot of draft sense in a number of areas:

a) He could be the best player still available when the Dolphins are on the clock at 15; b) He fills a top three need; c) He's "safe" pick in that he has no off-field issues; d) He's a high-character kid.

So if the Dolphins can't trade out of 15, Ingram just makes sense - even if many fans aren't on board with the idea.

2. I can't help but feel bad for Chad Pennington today. As if rehabbing from his third shoulder surgery isn't enough, Pennington will undergo knee surgery to repair a torn ACL he suffered while playing a pick-up basketball game - which will keep him from making a successful return to the field in 2011, and quite possibly for good. If this is how it ends for CP, though, he will go out as the NFL's all-time leader in completion percentage (66%).

Pennington's injury should also be a warning to all of those currently locked-out players looking to pass the time and stay in shape by working out on their own and participating in things like pick-up basketball games.

3. If you missed it earlier this week, you need to read this very long but very detailed article about Ryan Mallett. Considering Mallett has been another guy who fans have been arguing over, this post by the guys from Universal Draft is worth your ten minutes. Seriously. Read it.

4. Maybe you still don't agree with Jeff Ireland's line of questioning during his pre-draft meeting with Dez Bryant a year ago. But after the recent news regarding Bryant, all I know is that I'm glad he isn't a Miami Dolphin. The kid's a ticking time bomb who, at some point, is going to explode.

5. Yesterday was Opening Day for Major League Baseball. If you've been around here long enough, you probably know I'm a big baseball guy. So some quick predictions. In the AL, I like the Red Sox, White Sox, and Athletics - with the Yankees taking the Wild Card. In the NL, I like the Phillies, Cardinals, and Rockies - with the Reds earning the Wild Card. My World Series pick? Give me the Phillies over the Red Sox.

MVPs - Carl Crawford and Albert Pujols. Cy Youngs - Felix Hernandez and Clayton Kershaw.

And locally, I think the Marlins are going to be better than many people probably think. And if nothing else, they should be an entertaining team to watch.