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Miami Dolphins: Mock Drafts Around the 'Net, 3/8 Edition

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One of the most popular posts this time of the year for the past two years has been our weekly look at the various internet mock drafts. We all know they probably don't mean much in the long run. But they're fun to discuss and could give us a little insight into what scouts are thinking - even if what they are thinking is not accurate.

With that said, let's get right to it. The list of over 20 mock drafts is below...

Site Upd. 1st Round (15th)
2nd Round 3rd Round (79th) 3/7 QB
Jake Locker
Mocking The Draft 3/23 RB
Mark Ingram
New Era Scouting 2/2 RB
Mark Ingram
WR Randall Cobb
ESPN's Mel Kiper 2/16
Mark Ingram
ESPN's Todd McShay 2/10
Mark Ingram's Don Banks 2/23 RB
Mark Ingram's Charles Davis 3/2 RB Mark Ingram's Pat Kirwan 3/2 RB Mark Ingram
National Football Post 3/2 WR Torrey Smith
Pro Football Weekly 2/7 QB Ryan Mallett
Al Fronczak - -
Draft Countdown 2/15 RB Mark Ingram
FOX Sports 3/3 RB Mark Ingram
Football's Future 3/7 RB Mark Ingram
Walter Football 3/3 RB Mark Ingram QB Ricky Stanzi
DrafTek 3/2 OLB Ryan Kerrigan QB Christian Ponder
The Sporting News 3/1 QB Cam Newton
Rotoworld's Evan Silva 3/6 RB Mark Ingram
CBS Sports' Rob Rang 3/6 RB Mark Ingram
CBS Sports' Chad Reuter 3/6 RB Mark Ingram
Draft Huddle 3/5 QB Ryan Mallett QB Pat Devlin
KFFL 3/3 RB Mark Ingram
Draft Board Insider 2/8 RB Mark Ingram


Mark Ingram: 73%
Ryan Mallett: 9%
Jake Locker, Cam Newton, Ryan Kerrigan, and Torrey Smith: 4.5% each

It's no surprise that most draft analysts are taking the easy way out and projecting Ingram - the draft's top running back - to land in Miami with the 15th pick. But it also makes a lot of sense - as much as many don't want to believe it.

I'm not typically in favor of drafting a running back in the first round unless he is elite. Ingram is not elite. But if the Dolphins can't trade down due to there not being a trade partner, where else can the Dolphins turn? That's why most are projecting and will continue to project Ingram to the Dolphins. It's the "safe bet."

However, that doesn't necessarily mean it's the "smart bet."