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NFL Draft Video Time: Quarterbacks

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Something that's become a little tradition here in the four plus years that this site has been around is our weekend "video time" posts - especially leading up to the draft. And it's time to start up once again.

This year should be more fun simply because we're going to be looking at flashier positions - quarterback, running back, and possibly receiver. Today we start with a look at three of the "second-tier" quarterbacks - those who will likely come off the board after Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton. But keep in mind these aren't the "only three" that make up that tier - just the three I'm highlighting this week.

The videos are below...

First up is Washington's Jake Locker, whose stock was down after the Senior Bowl but may be slowly rising again after a strong Combine.

Florida State's Christian Ponder may have made the best impression of all the quarterbacks at the Combine last week. Personally, he's making a quick rise my draft board:

Last but not least is Nevada's Colin Kaepernick, who has slowly become a popular option amongst many. He's got a ton of talent - but is probably more of a project than the other quarterbacks: