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Miami Dolphins Community Draft Board: Running back

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On Monday I posted the ballot for our running back community draft board. After just under 1000 people having voted, the top five on our running back draft board is as follows:

1. Mark Ingram, Alabama
2. Mikel Leshoure, Illinois
3. Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech
4. Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma St.
5. DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma

No real surprises in the top four. Ingram was far and away the leading vote getter, receiving over 80% of the first-place votes. Leshoure and Williams round out the top three according to most draft analysts and it seems as though most Dolphin fans agree.

Kendall Hunter is a guy drawing a lot of buzz because of how complete of a back he is. He's a guy who can carry the rock on early downs but is versatile enough to stay in on third down and either catch the football out of the backfield or stay in and pick up the blitz. He's one of the most impressive blockers out of the backfield I've seen in recent memory.

I'm a bit surprised that DeMarco Murray placed fifth on this list. His fast 40 time at the Combine (4.41) probably boosted him up some fans' boards. But my biggest concern with Murray is his upright running style. If he doesn't break that habit, odds are he's going to have durability issues at the next level.

But now that the top five is complete, I wanted to go ahead and start the voting for the rest of our community draft board. Below is the ballot. Please cast your votes for rankings 6 through 10.