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Sources: Miami Dolphins re-sign Richie Incognito to multi-year deal

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Various sources, including Adam Schefter, are reporting that the Miami Dolphins have re-signed starting offensive lineman Richie Incognito to a three year deal. The 27 year old Incognito started all 16 games a year ago for the Dolphins - mostly at left guard. But Incognito's future here in Miami could very well be at center.

In limited time as the center, Incognito was far better than starting Joe Berger. Richie is a big, physical blocker who has tremendous strength at the point of attack. But he's not athletic enough to pull, which makes him an average (at best) guard.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of Incognito's season in Miami last year was his ability to stay out of trouble. Known for his temper, Richie was on his best behavior - committing only three penalties and never having one of his trademarked outbursts.

It's also important to consider the draft implications of Incognito's re-signing. The interior offensive line is an obvious need regardless of Incognito's return. And considering we don't know if he will play center or remain at guard, it's hard to jump to any conclusions. But the smart money here is that Incognito moves to center, which he seems to be on board with.

“It feels like home. It’s a position that plays to my strengths,” Incognito said of playing center last December. “I’m a strong guy in a short area. That’s why there’s a comfort level there for me."

If this is indeed the case and Richie does move to center, we can cross one draft need off of Miami's list. But they would still need an upgrade at guard - even after the Dolphins tendered restricted free agent Nate Garner yesterday. Garner is expected to compete for a starting guard spot but is far from a lock to be the solution.