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Miami Dolphins player-organized workouts to begin this week

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With the NFL currently in the midst of this ridiculous lockout, players on the Miami Dolphins are set to begin their player-only team workouts this week at Nova Southeastern. The Sun-Sentinel's Omar Kelly is reporting that Jake Long and Chad Henne are organizing the training sessions that will begin on Monday.

With the owners locking out the players, teams around the league are unable to organize offseason training programs and activities a they usually would, leaving it up to the players themselves to organize voluntary team workouts. It's been debated if players should actually run through drills on the field or simply work out together in the gym. If a player was to get injured during these unsanctioned activities, teams would have the right to not pay that player's salary in 2011.

"If a guy works out right now and suffers an injury, he's not covered by his NFL contract during this lockout. So if you get injured, the team doesn't have to pay your salary next year," said agent Drew Rosenhaus. "It's not a sanctioned activity, so if a guy goes out there and blows his knee, the team can say they've decided not to pay your contract this year. It's very risky."

At this point, it's not known how many Dolphins players will be attending these player-organized workouts this week. With agents advising their clients to be careful and a number of players living outside of South Florida, attendance "isn't expected to be high," according to Kelly.

Still, it's a very good sign that some on the team want to get back together, as they are accustomed to this time of the year. And they are the first team in the league to have player-organized workouts actually get underway.