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The Friday Five: Time to ponder Christian Ponder

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As the weeks continue to go by, bringing us closer to the NFL Draft, it really does seem like the question is not if the Miami Dolphins will draft a quarterback. But rather, the question is exactly which one the Dolphins will draft. With this week's report that the Dolphins plan on working out most of the top quarterbacks available in next month's draft, much like they did back in 2008, the obvious concern among fans will be if this regime can identify the right quarterback.

Perhaps the right quarterback is right here in Florida already.

1. Christian Ponder quickly rising up draft boards. I'm sure many of you know that I wasn't a big fan of Ponder's heading into the draft process. But his performance during Senior Bowl week and his Combine performance made me re-think things. Like Mike Mayock always says, you shouldn't come to conclusions based solely on workouts. Rather, what you see in those workouts should make you go back and re-evaluate the film. And what it did for me was make me go back and look more at his 2009 tape.

Following his Pro Day workout at FSU, it's believed that Ponder "continues to ascend" on draft boards around the league. That's what Mayock said on NFL Network on Wednesday. He added that Ponder displayed "above average arm strength" and "excellent foot work." That seems to be the sentiment among most draft analysts. And because of the style of offense Ponder comes from, he's talked about as being perhaps the most NFL-ready of all the quarterbacks in this class - right up there with Arkansas' Ryan Mallett. The difference, of course, is that Ponder would come without the off-the-field rumors that have been following Mallett around.

"He’s one of those guys that as we get closer to the draft, I think the more teams are going to like him," says Mayock. "While we’re all focused on those first-level quarterbacks, don’t be surprised if Ponder continues to move up and very quietly teams fall in love with him."

In my opinion, Ponder is a kid the Dolphins have got to take a long look at. His Chad Pennington-like intelligence and accuracy just makes him seem as though he's the kind of quarterback this regime would be enticed by.

2. I have some mixed feelings on the NFL Competition Committee's proposed rule changes. I'm a big fan of having all scoring plays automatically reviewed by the replay assistant upstairs. I think that's a great possible rule change. But I have to wonder about the proposed changes to kickoffs and the possible expansion of what the NFL deems a "defenseless player." Maybe we should just start having these guys play two-hand touch or flag instead. Sound good?

Here's the bottom line on this, in my opinion. These guys get paid very well to play this game. They know the risks. And they are compensated well. If they don't want thee money, the fame, or the glory because they are scared of injury, then don't play. Go get another job. It's that simple.

3. Filed in the "No Sh*t" file, calls the Dolphins signing of Daunte Culpepper as the worst free agent QB signing ever. Of course, it's not just that the Dolphins signed Culpepper, but rather that they passed on Drew Brees. Anyone care to disagree? Didn't think so.

4. Channing Crowder and Karlos Dansby are organizing defensive player workouts during the lockout in Weston. Good to know. I'm just wondering if these workouts will include wrestling wild boars.

5. Morehead State is all that is right with the NCAA Tournament. It's too bad the NCAA is too financially tied to the BCS and Bowl Games to put a small playoff system in place in college football - giving teams like TCU and Boise State a chance to compete for a national title.