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Report: Miami Dolphins to work out top quarterbacks available in NFL Draft

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Earlier today I wondered aloud if the Dolphins were showing a lot of interest in the quarterbacks available in next month's NFL Draft as a smoke screen to the rest of the league, making them think they will not only take a quarterback but will spend a high pick on the position. If that is indeed the case, then Jeff Ireland and company are going all out to create this smoke screen.

More than likely, though, the Dolphins are indeed just doing their homework because they fully intend on drafting a quarterback early in the draft - as they rightfully should. That's why it's great news to hear that the Dolphins are planning on holding private workouts with a number of the draft's top quarterbacks - including Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, and Colin Kaepernick. Thrown in for good measure is Idaho's Nathan Enderle, who is a late-round prospect that the Dolphins are rumored to have interest in.

These private workouts are great opportunities for Ireland, head coach Tony Sparano, and the offensive coaching staff to get to really know these kids in a more informal setting than at the Senior Bowl or the Scouting Combine. Of course, the last time this regime either traveled around the country to meet with quarterback prospects or hosted these potential draft picks at their facility in Davie, things didn't turn out as we has all hoped.

I'm referring to the 2008 draft, when the Dolphins went through this process once before. The end result was Chad Henne's selection in the second round of the draft. If that move had panned out, we wouldn't be discussing more private workouts for quarterback prospects this year.

Hopefully this regime is a bit more successful this time around.

And for the record, I'll unveil my quarterback draft board in early April - it may surprise some of you.