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NFL Draft Video Time: Newton and Mallett

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If you're looking for more tired talk about the CBA, decertification, lockouts, labor negotiations, antitrust law, or anything pertaining to those topics, you've come to the wrong place. There are a number of places you could go to for excellent coverage of all that.

Instead, let's keep our focus on the field. New CBA or not, the NFL Draft will go on as scheduled in less than 50 days. With that thought in mind, this week's "video time" will feature two quarterbacks that Dolphin fans have been discussing for a few weeks now.

The videos are below...

First up is Cam Newton, who the Dolphins will work out privately in the coming weeks:

And next up is Ryan Mallett, who might be the best pure passer available in the draft. Of course, that doesn't mean he's the best quarterback prospect in the draft. Still, it's fun to watch him spin it: