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Mosul's Dolphins Question of the Week

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After a busy couple of weeks at work, resulting in me missing my publishing deadline last week, the question of the week returns today. 

Last time, we took a look at your definition of a "franchise" quarterback.  While individually the answers seemed to bounce all over the place, together they basically came down to a guy who isn't afraid when the game is on the line, makes quick, definite decisions, and simply has "it" - whatever "it" is. 

So, following that up, who do you think should be the "franchise" QB for Miami?

Basically, if you could draft any QB, trade for one of the likely available QBs, sign a FA QB, or simply stick it out with Chad Henne/Tyler Thigpen, who do you want? 

No restrictions on likely hood of draft position, or trade asking price.  Just, don't come up with answers like "Trade for Brady" or "Trade for Peyton."  Try to stick to available QBs (i.e., Palmer, McNabb, Orton (?), etc.).

Finally, just a former Dolphins' player note, Pat White has quit baseball, failing to report to the Kansas City Royals spring training.  That means he is out of two sports, now.  I think you will see him back in football somewhere, maybe the UFL or CFL, if not signed as a backup somewhere in the NFL.  Just an observation.