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Mosul's Dolphins Question of the Week

Last week's question had some remarkable results. We had 924 votes logged, with 71% of you saying that you would rather the NFL and the NFLPA just talk amongst themselves, and let us know when something big happens.

Seems like we are all getting our wish. After nearly a week of daily meetings between the two sides, along with Federal Mediator George Cohen, there has been very little leaked to the media. Even insiders like ESPN's Adam Schefter aren't getting information on what's happening.

That could be a good sign.

Then again, the NFL has called for all team owners, GMs, and Head Coaches to meet in Indianapolis today. They are, apparently, going to discuss what the end of the current CBA means in terms of trades, free agency, who they can and cannot contact, even things like is players are allowed to have their playbooks or not.

That doesn't seem like a deal is imminent.

But, who thought this was going to be a quick process?

Anyway, on to our question of the week for this week. Since, we are in the offseason, and many Dolphins' fans are looking to upgrade the quarterback position, I pose this question:

What is your definition of a "franchise" quarterback?

Is it a guy who simply wins? Is it a guy who throws for 4,000 yards a year? Is it a guy who just doesn't make turn overs? Should he call his own plays?

You all tell me, what you think it takes to be a "franchise" quarterback.