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Mosul's Dolphins Question of the Week

So, I actually had a different question for this week, but substituted at the last minute. I'll use the other question for next week.

Last week's question seemed to get everyone thinking. We had answers all across the board, on both the All-Time Super Bowl Stud and the All-Time Super Bowl Dud.

This week's question actually comes with a poll. Feel free to just answer in the poll, or expound in the comments. The more discussion we get, the better this will be.

Simple question:

Would you rather hear every detail, every excuse, and every step of the negotiations of the CBA, or would you rather just hear if there are major breakthroughs, and when it's complete?

Seems like all the radio talk shows are about 50/50 when it comes to hearing every detail vs. just wanting them all to get the deal done, and let us know when it's complete. I just wanted to see what all of you here at The Phinsider thought.