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NFL Films' Greg Cosell Talks Miami Dolphins with Palm Beach Posts' Ben Volin

Greg Cosell of NFL Films sat down with the Pam Beach Posts' Ben Volin today, and talked about the Miami Dolphins. The two spoke on many topics, including the Dolphins recent winning ways and quarterback Matt Moore. But, the most interesting comments, at least looking ahead to Sunday, is how the Dolphins match-up with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Cosell, according to Volin's article, "never played a single down in the NFL, never coached any position and never scouted for any team. But Cosell has insight into the NFL that few outsiders possess. As executive producer of ESPN's 'NFL Matchup' show and a senior producer at NFL Films, he has access to the precious coaches film each team uses to scout their opponents each week."

Speaking about the Dolphins match up with the Eagles, Cosell told Volin:

"It wouldn't surprise me if they beat the Eagles. To me, that wouldn't be an upset. The Eagles right now are not a fine-tuned machine. The one thing the Dolphins do have is [Karlos] Dansby and Kevin Burnett can both run, so I think that they do have some speed at linebacker. I would say that it's absolutely critical in the run game that backside defenders will play with great discipline, because LeSean McCoy, he's like Barry Sanders, he's a great cut-back runner."

Make sure you check out th entire interview with Cosell at the Palm Beach Post website.