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Browns at Steelers Thursday Night Football Live Thread

The Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers used to be one of the best rivalries in the NFL, with both teams hating each other. Unfortunately, that hatred dissipated when Art Modell stole Cleveland's franchise and moved it to Baltimore to become the Ravens. When the league reinstated the Browns five years later, the passion for the rivalry had dissipated, with both cities, and teams, turning their hatred towards the Ravens.

It doesn't help the series that the Browns have never really been a contender in the AFC North, having just two winning seasons, and one playoff appearance in the years since their 1999 return to football.

Tonight, the two teams face each other again, with the Browns once again resting in the basement of the division, while the Steelers are fighting for the division championship with the Ravens.

Hopefully, the Browns can at least put up a fight tonight, and make the game entertaining. No promises, though, since has the Steelers as 14-1/2 point favorites.

Enjoy the game!