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Miami Dolphins Caption This - Week 13

Getty Images

Time for the Phinsider's weekly Caption This contest. Once a week, we try to take a break from the football news, debates, and stress of being a Miami Dolphins fan, and have some fun with a picture from the most recent game.

This week, we take a look at wide receiver Brandon Marshall splitting the Oakland Raiders' defense to make a catch - or trying to break dance. Well, I guess that's up to you guys.

Last week's picture involved Tony Romo being Tony Romo. Make sure you check out last week's Caption This to see the photo. The wining entry for last week comes from The Shiz. He submitted:

"FIVE DOLLAR FOOTLONG. The subway jingle"

To make an entry, leave your caption as a comment below. To vote for a winner, click on "Actions" at the bottom of the comment you like. Then click "Rec." That's it. Whichever comment has the most "recs" will be next week's winner.