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Miami Dolphins Interim Head Coach Todd Bowles Press Conference Transcript

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Here is the transcript, as provided by the team, for the Friday press conference from Miami Dolphins interim head coach Todd Bowles:

On his experience as an interim coach and how much he wants to return: "I'd love to return next season. Overall it's been an experience mostly off the field that you hear about but you just have to go through the first time out. Two road games right off the top, you're dealing with injuries, you're dealing with guys coming in back and forth as far as on and off the roster. You get to handle all that type of stuff first hand. You only get three weeks to do it. You don't really get to put your stamp on things. It's kind of like three weeks you're not going to revamp the team and put your stamp and say 'I want the offense to look like this. I want the defense to look like that.' You'd be crazy not to. The guys have a system in place. You kind of tinker with a few things and make sure a few guys play hard. That's all you can do. Make sure they go out and play and compete. Make sure they're ready and they're focused."

On how he deals with uncertainty in the future with his job and family: "You don't. You kind of know what you're signed up for when you come into this business. As a former player and coach for ten-plus years, all you can control is coaching your guys and make sure they're ready to play. The decisions that you don't make, can't affect you so you just go ahead and coach. You're true to yourself and you're true to your coaching you understand that you'll be around somewhere."

On maybe picking another profession other than football: "I wish I hit the Power Ball (laughing). Other than that, no, I love the game. I hit the Power Ball in lotto, I would be like the guy in [the movie] Shawshank [Redemption]. I'll have a boat down there on the island somewhere (laughing). I'll be good to go. You'll never hear from me again (laughing)."

On talking to the media every day: "This is easy as far as talking to the players. This is normal, part of the business (laughing)."

On have you heard anything about interviewing for the head coach position: "I haven't heard anything yet, but if it works out like that I'm sure I'll have to interview again. I don't think three weeks is enough. You kind of have to sit down and go over some things and have plans if that comes about."