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NFL Predictions for 2012 from

Sports Illustrated posted their predictions for the 2012 NFL season yesterday, with several of their predictions including the Miami Dolphins. Included in those predictions are the Dolphins making a move in the draft, the Dolphins landing a big name coach, the Dolphins going after a quarterback already in the league, and Miami being a sleeper team for the 2012 season.

The first prediction involves the draft. Chris Burke, who wrote the article, turns his attention to Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III, assuming he will be the second quarterback drafted after Stanford's Andrew Luck. As Burke puts it, "If no team in need of a QB lands between the Nos. 2 and 5 picks, look for a Washington or Miami to trade up for Griffin."

But, that isn't the only quarterback Burke feels could be on the Dolphins' radar. With Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers set to win the MVP this season, it's backup Matt Flynn who could be generating interest in the free agency market. Drafted four years ago, Flynn will depart the Packers in search of a starting job somewhere, and, as Burke states, "all the teams in the 'Suck for Luck' sweepstakes [are] possible landing spots for Flynn."

As for the Dolphins' 2012 season, Burke, who lists Miami as on of his two sleepers for next season (Carolina being the other) writes:

"A lot of what happens with the Dolphins will depend on two questions: Who will be the coach, and who will be the starting quarterback? The Dolphins surged over this season's second half with Matt Moore at the helm, so they may opt to give him a shot in 2012. He has played well enough in 2011 to be in the mix. And Miami's defense is better than most people realize -- only seven teams have given up fewer points per game than the Dolphins."

Soon to be former Dolphin Chad Henne is also mentioned in the article. When discussing the Denver Broncos' plans with regard to quarterback Tim Tebow, Burke points out that the team should be looking for a veteran quarterback to challenge Tebow for the starter's role. Among the possible quaretrbacks, Burke lists Henne.

And, as for the big name coach that could be headed to Miami....well, I'll let you head over to Burke's article to see that.