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Texans at Colts Thursday Night Football Live Thread

Thursday Night Football this week gives us a match up that most year is one of the best division rivalries in the league - Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts. Unfortunately, this year, it's not quite as appealing. The Texans have claimed their first division title, marking their first ever playoff berth, and are heading in to Indianapolis, trying to win in the city for the first time ever. The Texans, with rookie starting quarterback T.J. Yates, are also attempting to catch the New England Patriots, who pulled a game ahead last week, for the top seed in the AFC.

The Colts, who had won the last eight AFC South titles, meanwhile, have desperately missed quarterback Peyton Manning all season, and won their first game of the year last week behind Dan Orlovsky. Now, the team is attempting to finish the season strong, and continue the Texans woes in Indy.

Tonight's game should be entertaining - either for a blowout from the Texans or because Indy keeps it close and could upset the AFC South champs.