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Miami Dolphins Caption This - Week 15

It's time once again for The Phinsider's weekly picture contest, featuring a picture from the latest Miami Dolphins game. This week, we take a look at the Dolphins victory over the Buffalo Bills.

This week,we take a look at running back Reggie Bush.

Last week's winner was Brantner78, giving us a caption from the Dolphins sacking Michael Vick. However, due to the nature of the caption, I have to refrain from putting it up here. If you would like to see last week's winning caption, chek it out back over in that post.

If you have a great caption for this picture, just leave it below as a comment. If you find a caption you like, click on "Actions" at the bottom of the comment you like. Then click "Rec." That's it. Whichever comment has the most "recs" will be next week's winner.