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Dolphins at Bills - How Warm Is Chan Gailey's Seat?

The Miami Dolphins fired head coach Tony Sparano this week, after the team, lost their ninth game of the year, solidifying their third straight losing season under the coach. That has not happened for the Dolphins since 1970 - a span of 42 years, during which, the Dolphins only had 8 total losing seasons, and only one back-to-back sub-.500 years before this current span (2006 and 2007). The Dolphins have been a losing team for too long, and a mediocre team for even longer. It's time to return to the greatness that used to be Miami Dolphins football.

But, the Dolphins aren't the only team struggling right now. Despite a 5-2 start to the season, the Buffalo Bills are currently three games under .500, and, with a loss this week, would fall back to last place in the AFC East - a position they have held each of the last three years. This from a team that started the 1990's with four straight Super Bowl appearances.

So, with Tony Sparano out and Todd Bowles coaching the Dolphins this week, it made me wonder if Bills head coach Chan Gailey could be facing a similar fate this year. As the Bills look to end a six-game losing streak, which includes a 35-8 loss to the Dolphins, is Gailey's seat as the Bills head coach getting warm?

I posed that question to the managing editor of SB Nation's Buffalo Rumblings, Brian Galliford. Galliford responded:

"The reality, in my opinion, is that Gailey isn't going anywhere. He and GM Buddy Nix have an excellent relationship. Most fans point out the lengthy injury list and an overall lack of roster talent, as well. Fans aren't thrilled with Gailey at the moment, but I'd say Nix is taking the brunt of it in the court of public opinion right now."

I think I have to agree with Galliford on this one, but if the Bills don't find a way to start winning soon, that seat is going to start getting really, really warm. Given that Gailey only joined Buffalo last season, another year is most likely in the cards for the coach, but a final three game stretch, featuring the second game against a Dolphins team that thrashed the Bills already this season, a Week 16 game against Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos, before traveling for a New Year's Day season finale against the New England Patriots, won't make things easy for him. If the team doesn't find a way to win at least one of these last three games, can Gailey, or any coach, really survive a nine-game losing streak to end the season?