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Miami Dolphins Caption This - Week 14

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Wednesday morning, so it's time for our weekly Miami Dolphins Caption This contest. Last week we took a look at wide receiver Brandon Marshall showing off his new gymnastic tumbling abilities.

However, smokinjoe699 put the best caption of the week up.

"only the monster can catch the ball standing on his head!!"

This week, we turn out attention to Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback Michael Vick. Apparently the Dolphins are...well, never mind.

Realizing this could be a dangerous picture given Vick's past, I do have to ask, please make sure you are mindful of the audience, and try to keep this at a PG rating.

Anyway, if you have a great caption for this picture, just leave it below as a comment. If you find a caption you like, click on "Actions" at the bottom of the comment you like. Then click "Rec." That's it. Whichever comment has the most "recs" will be next week's winner.