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Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed - 12/13/11

Here are the Miami Dolphins news stories you may have missed over the last 24 hours:

Reactions to Firing of Tony Sparano:

Hiring a minority interim coach doesn’t open the door to hiring a permanent coach before end of season | ProFootballTalk
Three NFL coaches have been fired in the last two weeks. For each of the three teams (Jaguars, Chiefs, and Dolphins), the interim head coach is African-American.

5 reasons why the Tony Sparano Era didn’t work | The Daily Dolphin
The Tony Sparano Era has finally come to an end in South Florida. The record books will forever show a 29-33 record (including one playoff loss), one division

Dave Hyde | Sun Sentinel blogs | Hyde5: Will Cowher, Fisher, accept Ireland as GM?
Sun Sentinel Blogs

Miami Dolphins’ Stephen Ross prefers hiring a star coach - Miami Dolphins -
Stephen Ross’ priority is to hire a star coach, and money will not be an impediment, an associate said.

Firing of Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano justified and expected - Greg Cote -
The guillotine would soon fall on Tony Sparano’s Dolphins career Monday when, 45 minutes to the south, a smiling Heat coach Erik Spoelstra addressed a media throng and said of sports in general, "We live in the toy department of human affairs."

A year-by-year look at Tony Sparano's Dolphins tenure
Tony Sparano Year by Year 2008 Sparano's debut season in his first NFL head coaching job is a success, as the Dolphins, led by quarterback Chad Pennington, win nine of their last 10 to finish 11-5 and capture the AFC East title.

Commentary: Miami Dolphins' Tony Sparano developed one bad habit he couldn't overcome: losing
You could say that Tony Sparano got Tebowed with that blown 15-0 lead Oct. 23, but that's too simplistic, and these days too common. news: Latest dismissals just putting coaching carousel in motion
One year after a looming lockout might have saved some jobs, Steve Wyche says Monday's moves in Kansas City and Miami set the stage for major upheaval in the coaching ranks.

Tony Sparano highlights and lowlights of Miami Dolphins career - South Florida
Tony Sparano's Miami Dolphins coaching highlights and lowlights