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2012 NFL Mock Draft via SB Nation

SB Nation has started looking toward the 2012 NFL Draft with the first of their mock drafts. Ryan Van Bibber wrote an excellent 2012 NF Mock Draft article, and he does focus on Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Sadly, I will tell you, he doesn't have Miami taking either one of those two quarterbacks with their selection at number eight.

While Van Bibber does have the Colts taking Luck at the number one position, he does point out, the team could be looking to move the choice:

"Everything should be so automatic as this pick. Speculation is flying about the Colts being big enough for Manning and Luck, but the two have been making niceties in the media lately, enough to quell the controversy until April. Indianapolis may be better off trading the pick for a bounty of even more draft picks so that they could have more than just two quarterbacks as their only legitimate stars."

Make sure you head over to the article to check out the whole draft, and to see who the Dolphins are slated to take.