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Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed - 12/12/11

Here are the Miami Dolphins news stories you may have missed over the last 24 hours:

Eagles at Dolphins Reactions:

Dave Hyde | Sun Sentinel blogs | Hyde5: Ross won't face a bigger decision than Ireland
Sun Sentinel Blogs

Miami Dolphins are going from ‘bad’ to worse - Edwin Pope -
We thought it was going to be bad when Chad Henne went down in the fourth game.

Commentary: Philadelphia Eagles enjoy their visit and put an end to Miami Dolphins' good times
With the game barely five minutes old Sunday, the Miami Dolphins had already blocked a punt and scored a touchdown.

NFL Game Center: Philadelphia Eagles at Miami Dolphins - 2011 Week 14
Philadelphia Eagles at Miami Dolphins NFL Game Center

Commentary: After building a little momentum recently, Tony Sparano's drive to keep his job is all but dead
The Dolphins didn't want Tony Sparano as their coach this season, and there are diminishing reasons - as in zero - to think they'll want him next season.

Short-yardage play most frustrating – Miami Dolphins – Sun-Sentinel
This Sun Sentinel blog has all the news, stories, and NFL player info for the professional football fan in South Florida.

Miami Dolphins won't make it back to .500 after nightmare second quarter against the "Dream Team" - South Florida
Eagles force three turnovers in a span of eight Dolphins snaps to build early lead

Dolphins get sacked by Eagles, 26-10 - Football Wires -
One sack cost the Miami Dolphins their quarterback. Another resulted in a safety. With the last one, the team matched a franchise record for bad blocking.

Miami Dolphins Reggie Bush runs for 103 yards - South Florida
Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush now as three 100-yard games this season.