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Eagles at Dolphins - Michael Vick to Start at Quarterback for Eagles

With the Philadelphia Eagles heading south to play the Miami Dolphins this weekend, the Eagles received some good news. Starting quarterback Michael Vick, who has missed the team's last three games with two broken ribs. Backup Vince Young filled in for the injured star while he recovered.

In an effort to find out exactly what to expect from Vick, and whether the starter was 100% heading into the game, I turned to JasonB, the managing editor of Bleeding Green Nation, SB Nation's superb Philadelphia Eagles blog.

"He's said this week that he's not 100%, but he's to the point where he can put some mustard on this throws again. That has been the problem these past few weeks. The broken ribs were preventing him from putting torque on his passes. Now he's gotten to the point where the level of pain is manageable where he feels like performance wise he'll be back to normal.

"As to how much it will affect him? We're just going to have to see. Clearly when he suffered the injury against Arizona, it affected his accuracy in a big way. So I think we'll be curious to see how his first few passes look Sunday. It probably should be pretty clear early on how he's feeling."

With Vick under center, the Eagles have compiled a 3-6 record in 2011. Vick has thrown for 2193 yards on 181-of-300 attempts (60.3%) with 11 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. He has also ru for 535 yards on 65 carried this season.

Earlier this week, Vick stated he would take fewer chances as a runner, sliding instead of making contact, in an effort to protect himself better.

Without Vick, the Eagles won once, adding a 1-2 record to the 3-6 Vick gave them. Young thre for 866 yards, with 4 touchdowns and 9 interceptions over the three game span.