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Finhead's Musings: Thoughts on the Miami Dolphins and more.

Go ahead and fist pump, Tony.  You deserve it this week.  (Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images)
Go ahead and fist pump, Tony. You deserve it this week. (Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I have a few things brewing in my head this week, which is always dangerous, but I figured I'd share a few thoughts. When I'm not speaking about specific topics I tend to drift so I'll put this one in bullet format.

1) Is anyone else a little disappointed about Miami's victory over the Kansas City Chiefs? I don't mean for those on the "Suck for Luck" wagon, but for those that wondered why Miami couldn't have played like that in any of their previous 7 games?

2) If not for Miami's 3 fourth quarter blown leads (they have now held a lead in seven games overall), Miami would be 4-4 and only one game out of first place.  Thinking about that brought on a bit of nausea.

3) I still want Andrew Luck badly, but I am excited for the win.  I never want(ed) Miami to lose.  I would still prefer Miami to make a trade for the #1 pick and the chance to draft Andrew Luck.  That has been my preferred method.  I'm still rooting for some wins from the Indianapolis Colts though in case Miami goes back on another seven game skid, but here is to hoping this week was the first of many victories so the second half isn't so painful.  I'm going to root 100% against the Rams though since they're the most likely team to make a trade and make my wish come true.

4) We now know what Miami can do when they utilize their players properly.  Reggie Bush has been solid over his past four games and I'm excited what he and Daniel Thomas can do out of the backfield with a new regime that knows how to run an offense.

5) Can people please lay off Anthony Fasano a bit now?  He's not an exciting TE, but he is solid.  It'd be great to have a vertical threat TE like Greg Olsen, but TE is not a weakness on this team.  If we can just get another TE that can be the receiving threat it would be great.  I'm hoping Charles Clay becomes that player though because he has the athleticism to be that vertical threat we want from a TE and he's finally being used more.

6) So this is what Miami's offense can do when they protect their QB?  We have some holes to fill on offense, but we do have a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball.

7) A big thanks to Miami's defensive front seven for waking up.  I still think the secondary is struggling though, but Sean Smith did have a better game than he's had in recent weeks.

8) Miami still needs to improve their 3rd down offense.  I can't give them perfect grades for this past game, right?

9) Can we please stop these dumb penalties such as illegal shifts?  We shouldn't be making those penalties at this point in the season.

10) Dumb of Vontae Davis for his recent actions, but I don't agree with the people who want to trade him.  People are too quick to pull that trigger.  If a single character flaw/slip up would be enough to run away from a player, we never would've drafted Dan Marino.

11) Watching Aaron Rodgers makes me cry.  For all the crap people say about how we've could've taken Matt Ryan over Jake Long, just think we could've had Rodgers over Ronnie Brown. Jake Long protecting Rodgers... excuse me for a moment as I look for some tissues.

12) Former Dolphin QBs John Beck and A.J. Feeley haven't played well.  People can stop worrying about former Dolphin QBs succeeding elsewhere.

13) Did Dan Marino's #13 jersey bless us with good luck during his career and the #13 only showed us bad luck after he retired?  If so, is this why people want good luck in the form of Andrew Luck?

14) The San Francisco 49ers have at least 8 bye weeks, possibly 9, before the play their next meaningful game.  The Niners may finish 12-4 and earn a bye week.

15) The Dolphins have approximately 300 days until they play their next meaningful game, so technically, they have more bye weeks than the 49ers.

16) It's a shame Tony Sparano has been such a failure.  He's such a good guy and his open personality was a relief compared to Bill Parcells and Nick Saban, who walked around like they had Little Nicky up their butts... and I mean all of Nicky, from head to toe.  Sparano is just one of those good guys you want to succeed.  Perhaps he can have some good luck (not Andrew Luck) if he gets a second chance as Head Coach with another club.

17) If Sparano gets that second chance with the Colts and he pulls the reins of the #1 NFL offense ran by Andrew Luck, I am going to be so pissed.

18) Thank God for NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go.  I was able to watch Miami @ KC instead of SF @ Washington.

19) I still believe in Mike Nolan.  He has been among the league's best for awhile at running defenses and I think this year has been more of an anomaly than anything else.  But if we do replace Nolan under a new regime, Steelers DL Coach/Assistant HC John Mitchell and Steelers LB Coach Keith Butler would be good fits to get their first defensive coordinator job.  I would prefer some experienced personnel ahead of them, but I think Butler can have a bright future as a coordinator.

20) Nobody on this site can ever get me to join the Rob Ryan for Head Coach bandwagon.  Ever.

21)  The thought of Ryan being our Head Coach and then drafting USC QB Matt Barkley, thus causing countless comparisons to Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez will make me violently ill.  Excuse me for a moment as I run to go puke...

22) My condolences to the state of Oklahoma.  For those that don't know, they've been rattled with earthquakes this weekend.  Initial reports indicate Rex Ryan was not in the state so the seismic activity was not blamed on him.  

23) In other news, Jets fans were seen calling Oklahoma "a poor third world country that needs the help of America." We need a No State Left Behind act to help those poor New Yorkers.  After all, Jet fans are only Snookies without the weave.

24) The Jets are 5-3 and are in a three-way tie for first place in the AFC East.  And you know what?  They still suck. Let's go Miami!

25) Miami has a great chance to win two in a row for the first time since week two of the 2010 season when the defeated Buffalo and Minnesota in back-to-back games to open 2010.