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Miami Dolphins Top Cornerback - Jimmy Wilson recently updated their cornerback ratings for NFL players, and rookie Jimmy Wilson grades out as the top corner for the Miami Dolphins.  Wilson, a seventh roudn draft pick, is ahead of starters Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, and Will Allen, despite the glaringly obvious big plays he has allowed.

Wilson, who got his first start of the season last week against the New York Giants, had seen limited snaps before that game.  But, when he is on the field, he is typically making a difference.  Sure, he allowed the game winning touchdown in the Cleveland Browns game, and he allowed the end-of-the-half score by the Giants, but Wilson has become a solid cover corner - in just two months of professional football.

"What we like about Jimmy is he's a competitive guy. He shows up and gives it his all," defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said of Wilson. "As cornerbacks go he's a little bit of an over achiever. He's tough as hell and tackles well."

"He's fighting his tale off out there for us and you have to appreciate that," Nolan continued. "In the case of winning a game he helps us."    

The Miami Dolphins secondary ranks, according to, like this:

Rank Player
1 Jimmy Wilson
2 Tyrone Culver
3 Sean Smith
4 Vontae Davis
5 Reshad Joens
6 Will Allen
7 Benny Sapp *
8 Yeremiah Bell
9 Nolan Carroll
* Not with team