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Dolphins at Chiefs - Five Questions with Arrowhead Pride

With the Miami Dolphins taking on the Kansas City Chiefs tomorrow, it's time to get a better picture of the Dolphins' opponent.  What better way to do that than by visiting SB Nation's amazing Chiefs blog, Arrowhead Pride.  Joel Thorman was kind enough to answer some questions about the Chiefs. 

The Phinsider: Matt Cassel has his ups and downs.  What are the fans' attitudes toward the Chiefs starting quarterback?

Arrowhead Pride:  It's split, really. A lot of fans recognize that he does have good games and he can be part of the solution for the Chiefs. The problem is that he doesn't do that consistently and he's not your typical franchise quarterback like a Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers. So absent someone like that, some people you'll never win a Super Bowl (and maybe they're right). There are extremes on both sides, too -- some blindly support him and others blindly hate him.

TP:  Jackie Battle has come out of no where to fill in for injured running back Jamaal Charles.  Has he proven to be a rushing threat, or is he an adequate stand-in that simply keeps some of the pressure off of Cassel?

AP: He's a decent rushing threat. Certainly, he's no Jamaal Charles but I think there's a spot for Battle on this team. Thomas Jones likely isn't coming back next season and he and Charles split carries so I wouldn't be surprised to see Battle step into that role in 2012.

TP: Kansas City started 0-3, and now sits atop the AFC West.  What sparked the turn around?

AP: Umm...not suffering devastating injuries? That sounds silly but let me explain. In the final week of the preseason, the Chiefs lost TE Tony Moeaki, who was going to be a huge part of their offense this year. In the first game of the year, they lost defensive leader S Eric Berry and in the second game it was RB Jamaal Charles. They were destroyed in those first two games partly due to the fact that they were in shock from losing those guys. From the third game on, they've looked significant better -- one three-point loss in San Diego and then four straight wins. As the season goes on, we're starting to think those first two games were the exception, not the rule.

TP: The Dolphins cannot cover a tight end to save their lives, but get a little reprieve this week with Tony Moeaki on injured reserve.  Do the Chiefs have a threat at tight end without Moeaki?

AP: Not really. Not at all, actually. TE Leonard Pope might snag a few first downs but I wouldn't characterize him as a threat by any means. TE Jake O'Connell is a young guy but, again, past history clearly demonstrates he won't be putting up big numbers. Same goes with TE Anthony Becht, who's mostly a blocking guy.

TP: Can you name a player on either side of the ball who Dolphins fans don't know, but should?

AP:  I'll go with S Kendrick Lewis He's a second year guy, a fifth round pick last year, but he's been very opportunistic in the past couple weeks picking off a pair of passes (with one returned for six) and recovering a fumble. Really, the entire Chiefs secondary is young and talented so you'll know them by the end of the game.


I really would like to thank Joel for taking the time to answer my questions.  Make sure you head over to Arrowhead Pride to get more information on the Chiefs.