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Miami Dolphins Cycling Challenge Kicks Off Tomorrow

It's finally time for the Dolphins Cycling Challenge - the Miami Dolphins annual bicycle ride to raise money for the fight against cancer.  This year's ride begins tomorrow and concludes on Sunday, with starting locations at Sun Life Stadium, Huizenga Paza, and CityPlace in Palm Beach. This year's ride will also honor Miami Dolphins legend Jim "Mad Dog" Mandich, who succumbed to his battle with cancer this past April.  

The Dolphins Cycling Challenge website describes the purpose of the event:

Launched in 2010, the Dolphins Cycling Challenge ("DCC") is a two-day tri-county charity cycling event coordinated by the Miami Dolphins Foundation. The purpose of the DCC is to increase cancer awareness, encourage healthy hobbies, and raise funds for the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. In its inaugural year, DCC raised $533,106 for Sylvester, setting the bar high for future rides.      

While it's too late to sign up to take part in the ride, you can still support the Miami Dolphins Foundation's efforts by  donating.  And, of course, you can help out your Phinsider brother, Ohiofinfan4life, by donating to his efforts.  "OFF4L" signed up for the longest of the available rides, starting tomorrow morning at 6:45am for the 170 mile ride.  He will complete 100 miles tomorrow with the Miami Century Ride, before conducting the 70-mile West Palm Beach ride on Sunday.

If you are able to donate, and any amount will help, you can find OFF4L by doing a rider search (upper right of every page on the DCC site) for Griffin Van Nest.  From there, you can donate under his ride.

Or, perhaps you have already donated to OFF4L and would like to find someone else to sponsor for this event.  Why not give to Dolphins legend Zach Thomas, who is also riding in this year's event.  From the main page on the DCC site, he is highlighted in the "Featured Rider" box.  

All the riders will be honored at the Dolphins December 4th game, when they host the Oakland Raiders.

To find out about the routes (to say, I don't know, go out and support OFF4L with a Phinsider sign or something...just saying....), you can get all that information on the DCC site.  

And, good luck Ohio.  We're all behind you!