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Miami Dolphins Caption This - Week 12

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It's that time of week again, when we at the Phinsider take a moment to enjoy the lighter side of Miami Dolphins football with our weekly Caption This contest. Last week, we took a look at Matt Moore celebrating Davone Bess' touchdown.

The moment I read last week's winning caption, I knew it was the one. It also was one of the few caption entries this season to get over the 6 recs mark - coming in with 11 recs. Congratulations to I'm_an_F18_bro, with his entry of:

"Matt Moore finally figured out how to make the coach notice him: The double fist pump."

This week, we'll take a look at Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. I'm not sure what he is doing in this picture, but I am guessing some of you know.

To make an entry, leave your caption as a comment below. To vote for a winner, click on "Actions" at the bottom of the comment you like. Then click "Rec." That's it. Whichever comment has the most "recs" will be next week's winner.