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Miami Dolphins Linebacker Jason Taylor Press Conference

Miami Dolphins linebacker Jason Taylor meet with the press today.  He hit on several topics, including the thin line between the team being 4-3 and 0-7.  The full transcript, via, is below:

(On playing at Kansas City) - "It's one of those places that from the National Anthem and on it is loud. It's a fun place to play though. As a football...if you're going to be in a hostile environment you rather it would be all hostile. It definitely is. We're fired up to quiet them down. Once the game starts you kind of ignore that. It doesn't become a factor a little bit offensively, but you focus you do what you need to do and what not. Avoid penalties and things that start to feed the crowd's ego a little bit. They start to get part of the game and they are in places like that. When they talk about home-field advantage and that what it is really is."

(On Kansas City turnaround their season by winning close games) - "Yeah, they have. We saw they won one on Monday that they probably should not have won I guess you can say. (Phillip) Rivers fumbles the snap there late in the game to give them the chance, but they finished the game. And it's a thin line between being 4-3 and where we are right now. We understand that, but we can't get those back now." 

(On what Kansas City does best) - "They're a good football team. They do everything they need to do to win games put it that way. They have a pretty good darn quarterback. Running game is good. They got one of the best receivers in the game. So, offensively, they are pretty darn good offensive football team. And they actually have a couple of different styles of running backs. They have some power backs. They have a gap-back sort of speak that gets out in space, kind of similar to Reggie Bush. They use him very well." 

(On Kansas City doing whatever to win) - "That's what you need to be in this league. Some teams do it all passing. Some do it all running. The Chiefs mix it up. And they will be a good test for us." 

(On Matt Cassel) - "He's a good quarterback. He makes all the throws. He has a strong enough arm to do what he needs to do. He's efficient. He can zip it in there when he has too. He can make what you call it, all the NFL throws. I think he manages the game very well for them. They do a very good job protecting their quarterback. He does a good enough job moving around and buy time to create plays and not take sacks. They are the second least sack team in the league with 13. It's a testament to how their offensive line plays and how he plays gets rid of the ball and kind of that school of thought from New England. They move the ball whether it's short passes or long passes. They get the ball out and just make plays." 

(On the team finishing games) - "You finish games. You keep playing until you finish games." 

(On anything different execution wise late in games) - "We're just not finishing. It's simple as that. Until we go finish one, we're going to having this same conversation. There's no secret formula or potion or any of that stuff. Just got to go out there and do it." 

(On guys listening to you in how to finish games) - "I don't know. Talk is cheap. You just got to go out there and do it."