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Former Miami Dolphins Czar Bill Parcells "The Bottom Line...Is Wins and Losses"

Former Miami Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells appeared on Monday Night Legends at the Bistro on ESPN 760 in West Pam Beach last night, talking about his golf game, enjoying South Florida, the New York Giants, the New England Patriots, the Dallas Cowboys, Tim Tebow, Andrew Luck, and Tony LaRussa and Bob Knight.  Oh, yeah, he also spoke about the team he used to lead in Miami.

After some introductory talk about Parcells' golf game, the host of the show, Steve Politziner, made a "statement" on behalf of Parcells (who was sitting right next to him), saying, "The Dolphins were 20-16 while Bill was in managment control with the team. Now [he's been] out of the team for 14-months, and he's proud of what he left there, and wishes everyone he worked with at the Dolphins the best."

Parcells then added, "I wish them well. Maybe things can pick up here a little at the end of the year."

The host then continued, saying that, despite seeing a lot of winless teams over the years, the Dolphins were the winless team with the most fight they had ever seen.  Did Parcells think that the team's fight, and how head coach Tony Sparano prepared the team each week, was a testiment to Parcells' coaching tree.

"The bottom line in this business, unfortunately, is wins and losses," Parcells replied, "and unfortunately it hasn't gone as everyone would have liked [it] to. But there's still some football left. Teams improve as they go, and maybe there's a chance that can happen."

Parcells doesn't sound too confident that Sprano will be able to survive the 2011 season.