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Dolphins at Cowboys Predictions

As the Miami Dolphins prepare to head out on the field for today's game against the Dallas Cowboys, I thought it was time to ask Dave Halprin of the Blogging The Boys site what he thought was needed for the Cowboys to win and for the Dolphins to win.

"The Cowboys win this game if they don't turn the ball over, play effective special teams, and develop a consistent run game to complement Romo in the passing game."

The Dolphins have been exceptionally recently in shutting down the running attack of their opponents, so the Cowboys may struggle in that aspect.  I would look for the Dolphins to blitz early to try to rattle Romo, and see if they can force the turn overs Halprin mentioned.

"The Dolphins win by forcing Dallas into mistakes (penalties/turnovers), contain the run on defense, effectively attack the middle of the Cowboys pass defense with dig routes and slants, and get DeMarcus Ware blocked."

I completely agree with Dave here.  That's exactly what the Dolphins have to do.  And, if the Cowboys are smart, the Dolphins won't be able to block Ware, because he won't line up in his traditional spot to challenge Jake Long, but rather move over to the other side, and take on Marc Colombo.

I still think the Dolphins pull this game out, in the 24-17, 24-20 range.