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Miami Dolphins Week 11 Game Ball

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The Miami Dolphins completely dominated the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, winning the game through great play on offense, defense, and special teams. It seemed like the entire team was flying around the ball, making grabs, and knocking Bills around. It really was a great all-around performance.

And, with that great all-around performance comes a problem. Who gets this week's game ball?

I narrowed it down to four players. But, I can't make the decision. All four are deserving - but I only give out one ball a week. So, I turn to you, Phinsider faithful. Make the jump to see the nominees. After that, make sure you vote in the poll.

Let's see who you all think deserves this week's game ball.

Matt Moore, QB - Moore had the best day of all NFL quarterbacks this week. He finished the game 14-for-20, 160 yards, 3 touchdowns. That gave him a passer rating 133.3, or a Total QBR rating of 98.3. Moore could do just about anything he wanted back there in the pocket, and was extremely efficient, spreading the ball around to seven different receivers. In fact, Moore's performance was so good, talk of having him return as the starter in 2012 has begun here on the Phinsider, and among all the Dolphins news sources.

Charles Clay, RB/TE - The rookie H-back looked like anything but a rookie on Sunday. The guy knows how to block, and was the Dolphins leading receiver on the day. Moore targets Clay four times, with the rookie hauling in all four of the passes, gaining 69 yards, for an average of 17.3 yards per catch. Clay also scored his first career touchdown, extending the Dolphins lead to 21-3 with his second quarter, 12-yard reception.

Mike Pouncey, C - Pouncey is a beast. Back in April many "experts" deemed Pouncey at the 15th draft position as a reach - and that he would never be as talented as his twin brother, the Pittsburgh Steelers' Maurkice. He is currently grading as the 11th best center in the league, 9 sports ahead of the younger Pouncey, according to While the Dolphins' data hasn't yet been uploaded into the site's weekly rankings, nothing Pouncey did should make him go down. Pouncey man-handled the Bills' Marcell Darius, preventing the rookie tackle from anything more than two tackles, one for a loss - for a defensive tackle with 26 tackles and leading the team with 3.5 sacks coming into the game.

Yeremiah Bell, S - If Pouncey is a beast, I don't know what to call Bell. He's everywhere. All the time. He's bringing the lumber, and making sure people remember when he hits them. He only finished the game with 4 tackles, but he also had an interception and two more passes defensed. Bell returned the pick 20 yards, down to the Buffalo 4-yard line and led to a Moore to Davone Bess touchdown pass.

So, who had the best performance during the Bills game? Vote below.