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Bills at Dolphins - Miami Dominating 28-6 at the Half (Overflow 1)

The Miami Dolphins have come out and taken the game straight to the Buffalo Bills so far today.  At the half, the Dolphins are up 28-6 and seem unstoppable.  In fact, the Dolphins first half possessions have been:

  • 12 plays, 87 yards, Touchdown (Fasano)
  • 4 plays, 59 yards, Touchdown (Bush)
  • 5 pays, 23 yards, Touchdown (Clay)
  • 3 plays, 5 yards, Punt
  • 6 plays, 5 yards, Punt
  • Touchdown (Bess)

Matt Moore has looked incredibly efficient today, going 11-for-14 for 148 yards and three touchdowns (Anthony Fasano, Charles Clay, Davone Bess).  Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas each have 8 runs for 23 yards, with Bush having a touchdown as well.

The Dolphins defense has been just as dominating as the offense.  They have held the Bills to 130 total yards, with their only points coming on their opening and ending possessions.  The team also has two interceptions and have been flying all over the field.  

Let's hope this keeps up in the second half!