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Happy 5th Birthday to The Phinsider


Today marks the Phinsider's 5th birthday. In those five years, the site has grown from Matty I's vision of a Miami Dolphins blog into one of the best communities in SB Nation, and a great place to discuss all things Dolphins. Today, we are 3 people shy of 8,000 members, we have had over 3,000 front page stories, 8,000 Fan Posts, and 7,000 Fan Shots. There have been 9.77 million visits to the site, and the site has been featured across the spectrum of mass media.

And, every day, the site gets better thanks to everything all of you bring to it.

So, despite this being the site's 5th birthday, it's a celebration of all of you, and the amazing content you have brought with you. Everything you guys do, from Kdog92's ability to post Fan Shots with breaking news seemingly before the news even breaks to all of you who carry on the "CKC" tradition, makes this the place to go for Miami Dolphins news, talk, and debates.

So, Happy Birthday Phinsider! And, thank you for all you guys do for the site!