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Bills at Dolphins - The Story Behind the Bills Freefall

The Miami Dolphins host the Buffalo Bills this weekend, with the Dolphins on a two game winning streak after staring the year 0-7, while Buffalo has lost their last two, and three of the last four.  Early on in the year, the Bills looked like the team to beat in the AFC East.  Now, they look like a team trying to figure what went wrong.

In order to get an idea of what exactly is happening to the Dolphins' AFC East rival ahead of this Sunday's game, I talked to Brian Galliford, the lead editor of Buffalo Rumblings, and one of our favorite "enemy" bloggers.  In fact, he finished second in the Chad Pennington Crossing Enemy Lines "Matty" Award - given to our favorite poster from an opponent's site - in 2009 and 2010.  

So, what did Galliford say about the Bills' Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde act in 2011?  What has been the difference between the two apparent Bills teams?

"There's no difference between the two teams, aside from a few injuries," Galliford stated. "The Bills just haven't been playing well, and the Jets and Cowboys have defenses that match up really well against what the Bills have and like to do offensively. Through it all, the Bills have been a fast-paced, spread offense featuring Fred Jackson with a sort-of-crappy defense that has saved their bacon with timely turnovers on occasion. Nothing much has changed. They've just been solved."

The Dolphins defense has been stepping up and playing more like the top 5 defense we all expected them to be prior to the season.  The offense, meanwhile, has started to find their own rhythm, and are actually starting to use weapons like Reggie Bush, Brandon Marshall, and even Anthony Fasano to their potential.  Hopefully the "solving" of the Bills continues this week, and Miami can win at home for the second time this year - a feat they hadn't done in a year before last week.