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Redskins at Dolphins - Miami Leading 10-6 at the Half (Live Thread Overflow 1)

The Miami Dolphins have played well early today, and are taking a 10-6 lead to the half against the Washington Redskins.  The Dolphins are staying fairly balanced on offense, running th eball 13 times, and going to the air 17 times.  Quarterback Matt Moore is 10-17, 93 yards, 1 interception.

Meanwhile, Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman hasn't made many mistakes today, with his one interception being more a result of the receiver slipping than anything Grossman did.  Currently, he is 9-for-12 for 103 yards, and the pick.

Neither team seems able to get the running game going, with Miami seeing Reggie Bush average 2.3 yards per carry (8 carries for 18 yards) and Daniel Thomas averaging 3.2 yards per carry (5 carries, 16 yards).  The Redskins have Ryan Torain has carried 11 times for 20 yards, or a 1.8 yards per carry average.  Bush is the only one to find the endzone in the first half.

Both teams have been able to get to the quarterback in the first half, with the Redskins hitting Matt Moore three times, plus one sack (Ryan Kerrigan); Miami has three QB hits, and 2 sacks (Karlos DansbyJared Odrick).

We'll see what kind of adjustments both teams can make coming out of the half.  Miami gets the ball first in the third quarter.

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