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Miami Dolphins Start String of Home Games, But Can They Win at Home?

November 14, 2010.  That's right.  One year ago tomorrow is the last time the Miami Dolphins won at Sun Life Stadium.  And that win was the only home win of the entire 2010 season.  Now, Miami, coming off their first win of the season, return home to face the Washington Redskins.

And, this is just the start.  Over the next month, the Dolphins play four home games, with the only away game being the Thanksgiving Day game in Dallas.  Those four home games are today's Redskins game, next week's Bills game, before the Cowboys trip, followed by the Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles each making trips to South Beach.

And, none of those teams are exactly dominating franchises.

The Redskins have dropped their last 4 games, while the Bills, who started off hot this season, seem to be starting their fall back to Earth, having gone 2-3 over their last five games.  The Raiders are trying to figure out their new Carson Palmer era - along with the disadvantage of flying from the west coast to the east coast to play a 1pm game, as Miami coming off the extended prep-week thanks to the Thanksgiving game.  Finally, the Eagles, for all the "Dream Team" media love, are struggling this season, sitting at 3-5 on the year.

The Dolphins are looking at four winnable games in Sun Life Stadium.  But, can the Dolphins do it?  And, will the fans give the team the home field advantage they haven't earned over the past few years?

"You know what? We haven't won at home, so we've made it tough on ourselves," wide receiver Brandon Marshall said.

When asked about the inability to win at home, safety, and co-captain, Yeremiah Bell stated it fairly simply.  "It's mind-boggling," Bell said."You really feel it, if you're the home team getting booed.  To some extent, it bothers you."

But that doesn't mean the team is blaming the fans.  "There's a home-field advantage if we create it," tight end Anthony Fasano stated.  "I can't really figure it out. It's not something we're proud of."

Starting later today, the Dolphins start trying to create their home field advantage.