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Redskins at Dolphins - Five Questions with Hogs Haven

With the Miami Dolphins hosting the Washington Redskins this weekend, it's time to talk to Kevin, one of the managers over at Hogs Haven, the SB Nation Redskins blog.  

The Phinsider: Obviously, Miami Dolphins fans are familiar with starting Redskins quarterback John Beck.  After two years in Miami, the Dolphins pulled the plug on the Beck Era, bringing in Chad Pennington and Chad Henne.  How is Beck developing, and is there anything there that shows he will be a serviceable starting quarterback in the league?

Hogs Haven: The only thing I see in regards to development was that last week was his first of three games he did not fumble the ball. He has INTs in every game, but putting up a 76.0 QB rating vs a Niners defense with all the starters we have out isn't lynch-mob worthy. Starters out: Santana Moss, Chris Cooley, Kory Lichtensteiger (arguably our best OLineman at LG), and Tim Hightower. That's 2 Pro-Bowlers and 2 guys who were legit pieces. Each week brings another 5 days of practice to gel with all these rookie starters and we have a lot of them, so it really is a week by week. 

TP: The Redskins have seen a lot of turmoil in the backfield so far this year. Who has been your biggest rushing success this season, and is this a case of Mike Shanahan trying too hard to find the perfect running back?

HH: With the injuries we've had to the OLine and Tim Hightower, our running game has been non-existent. Teams look at our QB and WRs and say, "OK, let's stack the box and make Rex Grossman and John Beck beat us." The Shanaplan is now the Backuplan trying to find playmakers.

TP: What is the biggest strength of the Redskins right now?  Their biggest weakness?

HH: Easily our defense. The "bend don't break" model means we may give up yards, but we don't give up points which keeps the Skins in games. Ryan Kerrigan and Brian Orakpo are legit. Biggest weakness is all 11 players on offense. Skins had 12 draft picks this year (a lot late rounds) and they're getting their chances now. Third round pick WR Leonard Hankerson is starting now and Redskins fans are desperately hoping he makes that turn into a threat.

TP: The Dolphins' secondary has had trouble stopping any receiver this year, while it appears the Redskins haven't exactly torn it up receiving this season.  Who should the Dolphins look to have success this week?

HH: It's simple. Guys don't run good routes, they have trouble beating the press coverage, dropped balls on key drives, and the fact all of our WRs are so young. Jabar Gaffney has played decently, but each week, as I said, players have the chance to watch film and improve. Fred Davis, the Tight End, is our best weapon. He's fast, strong and gets open. Not quite Vernon Davis but the potential is there.

TP: Can you name an offensive player and a defensive player who Dolphins' fans don't know now, but will at the end of the game?

HH: Redskins running back Roy Helu Jr. (mid round pick out of Nebraska) set the franchise record in receptions last week with 14. The kid does it all and if he can get his pass protection schemes down (big if), he'll shine. Either way, he's fun to watch.

Defensively, Ryan Kerrigan. If the right side of the Fins OLine is as bad as I've read about, you'll be hearing his name a lot. The kid lives in the backfield and is already a Pro at shedding blockers.


I would like to thank Kevin for taking the time to answer my questions.  Head over to Hogs Haven to see my answers to his questions