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Miami Dolphins Fickle Fan Base - Approval Rating of Tony Sparano Jumps Following Win

ESPN posted the latest round of fan approval ratings for head coaches today. Not surprisingly, Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano is currently the lowest of the four head coaches from the AFC East - trailing Buffalo Bills' coach Chan Gailey by 15%.

However, the interesting thing is what winning does for an approval rating. Two weeks ago, the Dolphins' head man found himself as the lowest ranked coach in the league, with just a 14% approval rating. Fans wanted the coach gone, and gone a week earlier.

Now, he's the 22nd ranked coach, with a 35% rating. That's a 21% jump, simply due to the change of record from 0-7 to 1-7. It also puts Sparano ahead of Raheem Morris (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Hue Jackson (Oakland Raiders), Andy Reid (Philadelphia Eagles), Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks), Mike Shanahan (Washington Redskins), Steve Spagnuolo (St. Louis Rams), Jack Del Rio (Jacksonville Jaguars), Norv Turner (San Diego Chargers), Pat Shurmur (Cleveland Browns), and Jim Caldwell (Indianapolis Colts).

It's amazing what a difference one win can make.