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Miami Dolphins Week 4 Game Ball

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And the Miami Dolphins Week 4 game ball goes to...anyone have a clue?  I'm to the point that I'm not even sure where to start looking for a game ball recipient.  The Dolphins are 0-4, and they aren't playing solid football.  It's sloppy.  Very sloppy.  On all sides of the ball.

So, who should get this week's game ball?

Should I pick the "elite" wide receiver who seems to have forgotten how to catch a football?

How about the running back that didn't know he was getting a handoff, leading to the starting quarterback to be out the rest of the game?

Maybe it's the "feature" back who can't run up the middle - Miami keeps trying.  

I could go with the safety who led the team in tackles (14, with the next closest being 5), but he got beat so badly, the receiver had time to fall down, get up, then run for the end zone.

Maybe it's the cornerback who screwed up the coverage on that touchdown pass in the first place.

But, with all of those worthy candidate, I am going to go with rookie fullback Charles Clay.  Simply because the rookie did what was asked of him - namely, catch two target passes, averaging 17 yards per catch.  So, congratulations to Clay who wins the game ball in a week when no one else played well enough to grab it.

Let me know below if you can think of anyone else who deserves the recognition.