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Dolphins at Giants Rapid Reactions - Dolphins Drop to 0-7

The Miami Dolphins lost - again.  This team plays hard for three quarters, then loses it in the fourth.  I don't understand it.

Here are some other thoughts:


  • That last pick was all on Matt Moore.  He stared at Brandon Marshall the entire way.  I know you have to go deep, but you have to go deep to an open receiver.
  • Reggie Bush finished with 103 yards, only his second 100-yard game of his career.
  • No fourth quarter first downs is wrong.  Just wrong.
  • There's a reason the Giants came in to this game with the NFL lead in team sacks.  They tallied up 5 more this week.


I really don't even know what else to say.  We all saw the game.  We saw the team once again fall apart.  KMB will have a full recap tomorrow morning.