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Dolphins at Giants Position by Position Breakdown

As if there is any doubt which team has the better quarterback, the Miami Dolphins or the New York Giants.
As if there is any doubt which team has the better quarterback, the Miami Dolphins or the New York Giants.

The Miami Dolphins travel to East Rutherford, New Jersey for the second time in 20 days, this time to take on the New York Giants.  The Dolphins are still looking for their first win of the year, while the Giants are currently a game up on the NFC East, and looking to stay there.

As we all know, Miami is a mess, and it doesn't look to be getting any better any time soon.  But, a good performance, and a W coming out of this game could, at least for a week, alleviate some of the pain.  

But, the Giants aren't in first place in the NFC East by luck.  They are a very solid team, and should be able to handle whatever the Dolphins throw at them.

Make sure to head below the jump to see my position by position breakdown, and my prediction for the game:


Pos Adv  Reason

Eli Manning.  Matt Moore. Any questions?


With no Daniel Thomas, the Dolphins will be looking at a backfield of Reggie Bush, Lex Hilliard, and Steve Slaton.  That's not going to match up to Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs - even if the Giants are hit and miss when it comes to the running game in 2011.

At this point, I am giving this to any receiving corps - possibly even the team that Little Nicky 21 coached - simply because I am assuming they catch the ball.  If Brandon Marshall doesn't figure this out soon, he may just drop his way out of a job in March.


The Dolphins have the third worst pass blocking line in the league.  The Giants are tied for the league lead in sacks this season.  Doesn't matter what the rushing game numbers are (still, better for the Giants), but when there's a chance your QB doesn't survive the game, your offensive line isn't going to win the comparison.  

DL Like I said above...leading the league in sacks.
LB Miami can't stop the run.  They can't sack a quarterback.  They can't cover a tight end.  Guess who is responsible for most the production for all three of those stats?  That's right.  The linebackers.  Any chance the Dolphins have the better crew?  Nope.

Vontae Davis is out, and the Dolphins are expected to start rookie, seventh round draft pick Jimmy Wilson opposite Sean Smith.  Meanwhile, the Dolphins safety position is a mess.  Although Giants' CB Prince Amukamara is out as well, the Giants are a better secondary.

I probably should give this to the Giants as well - but I'll go with the Brandon Fields factor, and give one category to the Dolphins.

Prediction: Giants, 34-17

Record Predicting Dolphins Games: 1-5

Record Predicting All NFL Games: 61-42