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Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall Meets With Press

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall met with the media on Friday, answering a few questions.  Here is the transcript of his question and answer session. 

(On the status of the team) - "I mean, at the end of the day, we're disappointed. I think the fans are disappointed. We put a lot of work into what we're doing. And things to turn out like sucks. But, at the same time, this is our job, but also, this is a dream job. Even though our situation maybe a little nasty, we're still blessed to have an opportunity to do what we do." 

(On maintaining confidence despite the situation) - "Like I said, having that faith and understanding your purpose, we didn't work to be 0-6 so it's definitely difficult to come to work every day at 0-6, but once you have in the back of your mind that we're blessed to do this. We can still have fun with it. But we're disappointed, fans are disappointed, and it's not a good situation."

(On what guys tell each other to stay upbeat) - "We just keep pushing, that's all there is to it. Everyone is smart enough to know the situation where we're at. Only thing we can do is come to work every day and be a professional and try to get better." 

(On the challenges that the Giants' secondary will bring) - "They have some good guys back there. They play with a swagger. They're a physical team. They got some guys that can do some special things back there so it's going to be a challenge. I like the matchup. They play man-to-man so it should be an excited game."    

If you would like to watch the interview, you can head over to the Dolphins' website by clicking here.